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Jared Helland ·
How can I get a bracelet like yours. It is so cool
Iapadre Jacopo ·
Josh Hauptman ·
Who makes the bracelet?
Iapadre Jacopo ·
Anyone know if that Parker is actually gold plated or is it just brass plated/some other metal?
Iapadre Jacopo ·
It is gold pleated!
Montana Actual ·
That key holder looks like it actually works without being troublesome. I have tried keybar, keysmart, a leather one, and some other brand and hated them all. Too much hassle to get the keys out and if it wasn't tight enough they would flop all over but too tight and they would never move. This one looks like you have a nice area to grab keys and it keeps them separate and spaced. I tried Amazon for it, but it says not available. Any suggestions?
Iapadre Jacopo ·
It was gifted to me by my girlfriend 3 years ago and i have to say it’s my best edc item, i keep all my keys on it included my car keys (my car is a ‘92 jeep xj and has a simple flat key). Included in the package you get spacers of different thickness Allowing the keys to move without dragging on each other, but the most important thing is that they include small thick rubber o-rings to install on the head of the bolts, this means that the torque you give it is going to stay always the same so, once you tighten the system the keys will always move smoothly without being floppy!
Iapadre Jacopo ·
Oh and you can find plenty on Ebay too!