My Updated 2019 E.D.C.

Jordan Vail
Machinist (age 27)
East Troy, Wisconsin
Every year about 4 times a year I dump all of my E.D.C. gear from my pockets and reevaluate what I am carrying and why I am carrying said items. The biggest time for me to do this is the last week of the year. I eliminated quite a bit this go around and have narrowed it down to what I find as my essentials. As a machinist my gear has to handle hard use, not be super expensive (easily replaceable without breaking the bank), practical, and lightweight. These are the items I have found that fit into these roles.

I have also been digging the matching color theme on items lately. I have started looking for items that are going to go into a orange theme. Orange is my favorite color and to be honest makes it easy when I am looking in a dark area to make sure I did not leave something in a spot that would be bad to leave it. Some people will say that the orange draws attention to the items I am using when in all reality I have noticed it to be the opposite. Some areas I go to and some people at work seem to take some items such as the knife being in a brighter color as less threatening or less "scary" then some of my plain black items. Why this is, is a question that I have yet to find an answer and honestly probably never will. Everything here is a tool. I use it as such. I carry a pistol concealed for self protection. These however are more important to my daily life then my pistol.

These are the items that get my through my day and without them would make my personal life and work life a lot harder then anyone can imagine.

If anyone has any suggestions on a good Nato Watch Strap in Orange, a Full Size Multi-Tool in Orange, Orange Wallet, or good E.D.C. flashlight in Orange let me know I am in the market and looking.

Happy New Year Everyone

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