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It may look like a lot of stuff but it pack down nicely when paired with the PocKit Pro and the small sling pouch from DSPTCH, this is what I carry on a daily basis.

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Vikinglander ·
I like that you did a bag dump. Most of these are only pocket dumps. I like that you carry backups for key tools on a keychain; I do the same thing. This way I always have the basics on my person, and I carry a day pack for my main gear. I did a dump here last fall and laid the whole thing out on my coffee table.

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Carter ·
How do you like that DSPTCH sling bag? I'm thinking about getting it.
Darren ·
Its a great little sling pouch, fits the yellow birch outfitters organizer pretty well as well as my other gear, if you are looking for a way to keep some gear out of your pockets its great, not to mention the quality is good and it's made in the usa.
Carter ·
Thanks I'll definitely have get this.
Very nice all bases covered, Darren