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Portland, Oregon
new backpack for carry-on travel

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Andrew Casel ·
How's the backpack? Pro's and Con's?
i like the backpack so far. one thing i did notice is the straps are too close to each other. I like to wear my backpacks high up, but the straps digs into my neck neck when i do. This bag forces me to wear the backpack lower than i'm used to but other than that, the organization features are great and i definitely use them.
Andrew Casel ·
Thanks Kael. Appreciate the insight. I too like to wear them up high.
which lens is that?
are you asking about the fuji camera? that is a fixed lens 27mm.
for the moment lens, it's their 18mm wide lens.
Do you carry only one lens?
hi, sorry for the late reply. yes, i normally only carry one lens when i'm traveling. for photo gigs, i will bring my zoom lens. i want to buy another prime lens for portraits, but as we knows, lenses are soooooo expensive.