High-value, affordable, simple, law student's EDC.

Wayne Cheah
Law Student (age 21)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Higher resolution repost of my current EDC. Got a better camera!

All gear owned is purchased on discounts or good deals.
1. iPhone 7 = communication tool that essential to all students to get work done.

2. Nivea Men Hydrocare lip balm = Great moisture retention for hot or cold days.

3. Orbitkey 2.0 Elastomer Black = gotta stop those key jangles, also more efficient and unobtrusive.

4. Zebra Brights Telescopic pen black chrome = Cheap alternative to Fisher bullet pen. Takes D1 refills in general including the Fisher one

5. Coast G19 54 lumen inspection light AAA= great sturdy light for not a lot of money. Helpful for when you drop school equipment behind dark spaces.

6. Vintage 1960's Tissot PR 516 = Still keeps great time. Minimalistic design means I can dress it up or down with different straps. Ultimate money saving because you don't need get that many watches.

7. Nodus Compact coin RFID = vegetable tanned leather. Keeps a lot of cards, cash and coins in tiny package.

8. Kent Comb OT handmade= great affordable durable comb that won't damage your scalp with sharp tooth edges cause it's hand-filed individually. Important to keep oneself groomed in the legal profession and university setting.

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