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I keep trying to spend more money, but I can't seem to find anything I like better in any of these categories. I might need a new hobby....

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Love the link set up. Where did you get the parts? Dig the color combos. They each play nice off each other.
Thanks sir! The S Biner is just the standard, run of the mill size 0 version that is available everywhere.... the masterlink came from a farm supply store, but you could probably find something similar at a bike shop, Ace/True Value type hardware store or anywhere else that has a large hardware selection. Motorcycle stores would have masterlinks, but they'll be a lot bigger than this one. Amazon and eBay both have big assortments too, but finding one that's about the right thickness for your keys is really important, so being able to eyeball it is necessary IMHO. I've got the parts shimmed with some thin washers I got when I took apart a cheap multitool.

I also cut off the excess material from the heads of the keys so they match the outline of the Widgy bar - it's not a necessary step, but it sure makes the keys streamlined! I carry them clipped to the corner of my back pocket and can't even feel them.
Ha, I love that! Thanks for the explanation. The hard work paid off.
Lovely kit, lots of character! If you're looking for a new hobby nd would like some new gear, you could always learn how to make some of those things. What's more unique than some tools that you made yourself? Take care bud!
Very cool carry! Is that the saddleback two pocket card wallet? how many cards do you carry in it? how do you carry your cash? Too many questions,,,
Yep, it's the two pocket card wallet. I carry 3 cards in one side (DL, insurance, work ID) and two on then other (credit/debit). I carry bills folded in 3rds or 4ths on the side with two cards. If I'm carrying more than a couple bills I switch wallets... Not that it couldn't hold it, but because I don't want to stretch it out. I'm sure the wallet could hold a.lot more if you packed it up and stretched it out, but this is what I need... I have pretty savage sciatica but I like to carry in my back pocket, so I've had to really scale back what I carry.
If I'm carrying a bunch of cash (vacations, business trips) I carry a SwartBackslider bifold wallet from Etsy. It was like $10 bucks, but it is a superior to every other wallet i've used (lots) in terms of capacity and thickness. It's like somebody made a wallet-sized TARDIS... but it isn't sexy like worn in leather.
How do I get my hands on the LionSteel!??
Check out Colletorknives dot net ;)
You may want to check out toolsforgents also, they're a German seller but Collectorknives doesn't ship internationally due to some handle materials being problematic when exported. I ordered a Lionsteel Shuffler with white micarta scales from toolsforgents (to the UK) and it arrived very quickly. :)