On the wrist Today part 2

J.S. Leonard
This thing is ridiculously accurate plus or minus ten seconds a year. Most courts get that within a month and automatics are plus or minus 2 seconds daily. the fact that it's an attractive watch doesn't hurt either any functional one the chronograph measures in thousands of seconds seconds and minutes of course on the hours. a little history behind this watch and 1971 NASA was using the Omega Speedmaster as its official watch. Bulova made one watch as a test watch for possible future missions. Commander Scott accidentally broke the crystal on his Omega and since Bulova had given him that test watch to test out and since they look very similar to one another so he wore the Bulova on his lunar mission in 1971. Commander Scott wore the Bulova to and on the Moon. Upon returning to Earth he didn't say anything to anyone and placed that Bulova into a safety deposit box and no one was the wiser. A Few years ago the watch was brought forward and went up for auction for 1.6 million dollars that's $1,600,000.00. Seeing how Omega had cashed in on being the only watch to ever go to the Moon, Bulova did the same and released this watch in commemoration of their watch going to the Moon. The back of the case is engraved and talks about the mission where they went the grid coordinates and excetera. This is really a nice watch besides all of that, but the backstory and the history on this watch just makes it so unique. I've had it since Christmas when my wife surprised me with it and I can honestly say it's been a hoot to wear and I get a lot of questions about it because it is a very unique and a handsome watch. If you're looking to get into watches and you don't want to break the bank this is a good starting point, they can be had for around $350 which is a great price for a cool piece of history and a great watch. I own several watches that are in the thousands of dollars and I'm choosing to wear this watch for the reasons listed above, it's just a great, quality, accurate, unique watch that is truly worth more in the price of entry they're asking.

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