My True Everyday Carry

Agent (age 33)
Nashville, Tennessee
I try to keep things minimal. These essential items are with me 6 out of 7 days of the week and if they aren't in my pockets they are close by. I make my own notebooks so I always have a fresh one nearby in a glove box or backpack so when I'm done I can start a new one quickly. The leather wallet with parachord strap is handmade by me in my garage work shop. I made this wallet to carry a few cards and some cash. Fits well in my front pocket along with my Case knife and Maratac flashlight. Not pictured, My bullet space pen. The band on my Seiko Automatic has a OD NATO strap and of course my wedding band which is sterling silver.

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I love the simplicity. And the caseless phone lends a cavalier optimism that is lacking in the otter box crowd.
Agreed! Personally, I just opt for a warranty, like Apple Care+, to potentially get a brand new phone instead of having to deal with finding the right case etc. I've got small hands and crowded pockets as it is, I'd rather not deal with the bulk.
I have that same Seiko and absolutely love it. Rock solid watch, no frills.