My Minimal E.D.C. 2.0

Jordan Vail
East Troy, Wisconsin
A lot of us make New Year's Resolutions that we do not really hold to. This could be going to the gym every day, quit smoking, eat healthier, etc. We have all been there. This year I decided to make a resolution that was a bit different. I decided my goal for the year was to slim down the amount of gear that I carry on a daily basis. I went through and eliminated a lot of what I had been carrying. For me these are the true essentials for me. I am slowly updating to some new gear. I am also looking at replacing a lot of the items with either carbon fiber or carbon fiber print. The main item in my kit is my ZT 0850. I use it more then 20 times a day and to be honest for having such a large blade it is extremely light. Other then that there is not much else to say other then this is what I am pairing things down to and will be replacing a lot of stuff. This is version 2.0 but will be changing very soon. So stay tuned.

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coud you please name the brand of the pouch? Thank you.