Law Industries Prayer Beads MKII

J.S. Leonard
This is a review on Law Industries Prayer Beads Part 1.

This is what Law Industries say about their prayer beads

"Leave Them Breathless!
Our Prayer Beads started by a customer challenging us to make an item as seen in a movie with Jet Li. Now there a host of clones of our beads using cheap paracord and beads. We continue to use only our specially manufactured technora as a strong core you can rely on. 
If You Know, You Know...
Each set is handmade and each bead is hand finished with a total of 57 beads. The end is secured with a break away connector so you can wear these as a bracelet or necklace. No adjustment is needed, you can use them the moment they arrive. 
Rapid deployment when you need it silent. It really takes your breath away...
The original and still the best beads, individually handmade."

These beads were designed and made to be a weaponized form of jewelry and or a survival piece.I've had the law Industries prayer beads for about 2 weeks now and have been for the most part wearing them just as an accessory. During this time they've held up very well as I have worn them in the shower and slept with them on. Now I know most people normally remove all jewelry before going to bed but I did this intentionally to put more stress and wear and tear on these beads. I'm one that I do take care of my gear if at all possible but these were graciously sent to me by Law Industries to be tested. I don't like just jumping in and immediately doing a one-week review and saying something is good or bad or that I would or wouldn't recommend it. It takes time to test gear because let's be honest over the course of a week or two I may not ever really test the potential of an item and especially when it's brand-new which it is for about the first 90 days you're probably going to get optimal performance out of it regardless. So that's why I'm taking my time with these beads and doing a thorough multi-part review review.

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