New sheath & smartwatch

Writer (age 27)
Boston, MA
Picked up the Leatherman sheath with the intention of making it basically the only thing I carry and it fits what I need almost too perfectly. Still, the TPT is so small and light that I'm having a hard time leaving it behind so for now it stays in my coin pocket.

Still rolling with the Wally Micro wallet which is two or three years old at this point and just looking better by the day. Also got a new smartwatch mainly for GPS tracking while running, but discreet texting and playback controls while on the train is also nice.

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Nice gear, very professional. I like that you can solve a lot of issues with just a few select items. Too many people try to carry way too much, myself included. I’m guilty of carrying the kitchen sink when all I really use are the things that you carry. I need an intervention! My small SUV is becoming a mobile survival bunker. All the stuff I carry is getting too much to handle!