January 2019 EDC

Kevin J Meyer
Bookseller (age 27)
Basel, Switzerland

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Lon V ·
A Field Notes that looks like it is actually used!!
Most of the time it looks like the guy just took it out of the Amazon package. LOL !
Kevin J Meyer ·
Hahaha, I can't stand those posers either xD Ever since EDC became "trendy" or whatever you see more and more of them...
Looks like the dude just checked off 12 EDC items at Amazon. If I see one more Zebra 701...
Kevin J Meyer ·
Hi mcdj, thanks for your comment. I was thinking about getting for example a custom pen for the longest time in the past, but just couldn't justify spending a lot of money, when I'm so prone to lose my gear. (also, when I'm importing gear to Switzerland...prices skyrocket big time)

I'm well aware of the fact, that my loadout is a no thrills EDC and has some mainstains in it,but I'm also not here to impress anyone. My EDC should be functional, practical, durable and easy to replace, which I think I have achieved.

I've gone through tons of different setups during the years (as seen in my other posts) and have a loadout that simply works for me. It my not have all the bells and whistles, neither is it custom AF. But I don't buy a $300 pen, when I'm useing a Fisher refill in the first place. Just my opinion.

No hard feelings though, have a great day!