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Bernard Capulong ·
How are you getting along with the 6 Plus? I'm looking into one cuz the extra real estate and battery life is definitely a plus to work with when you're hustling everyday, but I've got small hands and fairly crowded pockets as you'd imagine. Any problems with it??
Alex Diaz ·
That's funny you mention it and I can admit - it's a definite change to how I carry things around. I was debating whether to keep going with Apple after some iPhone issues I kept running into so a friend let me borrow his old Galaxy Note 2 around for a month..loved it for the real estate and to be honest, most of my stuff is on Google that switching to Android wouldn't be too bad. But as much as I wanted to jump on the new Note 4, it didn't make sense considering how much I just spent on some iPhone related products (camera attachments). So I stuck with the plus. Here's what I'll say:
(1) you really need to rethink where you put it. I tend to have my phone on the table with me when I'm kicking it or at my desk so pockets while sitting wasn't a big deal, but when I'm walking? It's either in my back pocket or jacket pocket.
(2) Quick messaging with one hand - this tends to get shot. the quickness of my messages comes from me being able to do "swipe keys" when I need to text with one hand, but overall one handing things like I use to doesn't happen as much, I think it doesn't bother me as much due to the month with Android. It'll bug you at first and then you kind of tend to not care as much.
(3) No real problems with it, I don't see it so much as a new iPhone, and more of a iPhone version of an Android. Only issue is some apps haven't released updates to handle the Plus's screen size (but that's like 3 or 4 of my like 23 apps).