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CFO (age 53)
To start with the Nitecore gear: the Concept 1 is -though powerful and small- not ideal. Especially the need to loosen the tail cap to prevent it from turning on accidentally is, in my opinion, pretty annoying (and if you forget: this thing can get very hot). The Tube is superb. It works a long time on one micro-usb charge and weighs just 9 grams. The titanium whistle NWS1 has been added to my keychain as it weighs next to nothing and might be useful in an emergency.
Montblanc: the fountain pen has been in my possession for over 20 years. Now using the MB Unicef turquoise ink (as I emigrated to Curacao and thought this an appropriate color). The other writing gear is actually used less: the ballpoint mainly if the fountain pen can’t be used (for instance due to the kind of paper). Pretty -silver lined- small notebook #145 was a gift.
Knife: although the Enzo is my first choice, I do exchange it regularly for a Claude Dozorme Laguiole especially if I expect to use it at the dinner table. The Enzo is razor sharp and chosen because it has a scandi grind.
Breitling: multifunctional due to the two displays.
Iphone; usually about two years in use. Right now it’s an Iphone 8.
Porsche wallet: can’t say this is a compact carry, but it keeps a lot of stuff in one spot, which I like.The simple ballpoint pen is a small Zebra.
Small gear on the keychain:
SAK: if there’s one thing I love it’s the Victorinox midnite manager. I use it nearly every day (Philips, scissors, pen). Before the Tube, its small light sometimes came in handy.
Trackr Bravo is a try out; it appears to devour batteries.
Nitecore Tube: see above.
True Utility cashstash: can contain one bill and that’s perfect. Like most people I pay with plastic and my wallet often does not contain cash. This fob will provide the occasionally needed bit of cash, for parking or some refreshments.
Uncle Bill’s: decent tweezers and used more often then I expected.
Sandisk Cruzer: for work, but also contains (secured) copy of passport, drivers license etc.

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Erik althoff ·
Who makes your wallet? I really like the design.
It's a Porsche Design P3300
I really dig the wallet. As someone who carries a lot of stuff in my wallet (workplace id, 3 bank cards, metro card, medical care card, money, etc) I sure could use a wallet like this.
It's a Porsche Design P3300.