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Trending Gear: January 2019

Authored by:
Mikey Bautista
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Bernard Capulong
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Trending Gear: January 2019

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Over the past month of January, it you were most interested in ultra-compact tools, upgraded essentials, hardy ways to carry your gear, and more…

10. MecArmy EK3R

Kicking off the list is what you could call an old knife from a new company. MecArmy takes inspiration from classic slipjoint knives and does their own take on a modern gent's folder with the EK3R. Between its length and low profile, the EK3R falls in the sweet spot between keychain knife and full-sized folder as a dedicated compact EDC. It's 3.8" long when closed, and its stainless steel handles bring the knife's thickness down to just 0.5" overall. The Sandvik 12C27 steel blade comes in at 2.65", clearing the common sub-3" length restriction while giving you plenty to work with. The upswept wharncliffe blade shape offers all-around utility and manages most light EDC tasks. A larger thumb hole takes the place of a nail nick to make its two-handed operation deploy the blade in a literal snap thanks to its non-locking slipjoint mechanism.

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9. Rofis TC1

Switches and buttons are so 2018. Last month's 9th most popular item redefines what it means to have light at your fingertips. Smaller than a thumb and weighing only half an ounce even with its battery, the Rofis TC1 is the type of compact light you set and forget on your keychain. Within the TC1's anodized aluminum shell lies a 10180 rechargable battery, which, when paired with the XP-G3 LED, gives off a maximum output of 120 lumens across 3 levels. But it's the rear of the light where the magic happens. Rather than a twist or clicky interface, the TC1 comes with a brand new touch switch more akin to a smartphone fingerprint reader than the flashlight hardware we've been used to. Given its high sensitivity it means activating and switching levels much faster than having to twist the whole body or completely clicking a button. And rather than leaving it at that, it doubles as a battery indicator too, flashing red when fuel gets low.

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8. Victorinox Cadet Alox Limited Edition

What more can be said about the Victorinox Cadet Alox that EDCer's don't already know? Every month there's a high chance it'll show up on Trending Gear lists. With 9 useful tools within its lightweight and rugged aluminum oxide scales, it's one of the most popular SAKs carried by readers of the site, ever, and shows no signs of stopping.

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7. Massdrop AAA Flashlight

Massdrop has long been a site that caters to enthusiasts of every make and model, with collaborations across the board for nearly every kind of gear and hobby. Since they cater to and work directly with their communities, their products are made to exacting specs. Last month's 6th most popular item is one such product, their aluminum AAA light. It's has the specific options that would specifically pique the interest of flashaholics, like its use of a popular battery, IPX8-rated anodized aluminum construction, and its option to use a high CRI LED like the Nichia 219C. With 5 colors and an attractive price, it's a light built by and for those who need a simple and efficient EDC light.

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6. GearInfusion EverRatchet

The EverRatchet from Gear Infusion hits just the right balance of size and functionality while adding something never before seen on a keychain multi-tool. Thanks to its unique ratcheting mechanism, you don't need to lift and reset the tool between each turn, making it extremely practical for large jobs or when you are working with limited visibility or space. The ratchet beam is strong enough to hold 20 pounds against its length, yet easily moves out of the way (with a satisfying click) when you reset its position. Each EverRatchet also comes with a #2 Phillips Bit and a custom Flint2Go fire flint module, each sized perfectly to fit within the tool.

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5. Spyderco McBee

Spyderco's McBee is the literal definition of a “little big knife.” The insanely compact Jonathan McNees design (based on his Killer B knife) comes in at only 4” overall with a blade length of 1.52”, but its materials and fit and finish let it punch way above its 1.7 oz weight. Its CTS-XHP blade steel offers top-tier edge retention and corrosion resistance with a wharncliffe shape for optimal utility, while its titanium handles feature a Reeve Integral Lock for solid lock up. A built-in pocket clip and lanyard whole round out the McBee's EDC options, in addition to just letting it disappear in any pocket.

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4. Kaweco AL Sport

As popular as fountain pens are for writing, many of them just aren't built for the rigors of everyday carry, so when one comes along that fits the bill, it tends to make a mark. So if you're a fan of pocketable fountain pens then you won't be surprised with last month's 4th most popular item. The Kaweco AL Sport is 4.1” when capped, making it an easy pen to slide in and out of your pockets, while still comfortable when posted during use. A screw-on cap keeps things secure, and the pen comes with plenty of nib options to suit every writing preference.

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3. Fossil Defender Briefcase

While better known for their watches, Fossil also often try their hand on high-quality everyday bags. 3rd on last month's list is their classy Defender portfolio brief, a leather-bound cross between a business briefcase and a messenger bag. A tumbled leather exterior makes a statement in luxe brown with antiqued hardware accents, and a front flap with push-lock closures secures its contents. The exterior features 3 slip pockets, while its lined main compartment can accommodate up to a 13.5” laptop. Finally, a top carry handle and adjustable woven crossbody strap rounds out its everyday carry options.

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2. CRKT Squid D2 Blackwash

Despite its popularity, discerning EDCers felt the cheaper 8Cr13MoV steel in the original CRKT Squid held it back from being a top contender for the best bang-for-your-buck blade. CRKT heard it all loud and clear and recently updated the Squid with premium D2 tool steel and a new, blacked out stonewash finish to match. Compared to the original knife, the upgraded Squid D2 has a stronger, more robust steel that's achieves a higher hardness than 8Cr13MoV, leading to a sharper edge and better edge retention overall. It's also able to take more of a beating, making those hard-use tasks that come up every once in a while something you don't have to sweat about at all, especially with the reliable frame lock at the handle. With the new Squid D2, CRKT has taken a great everyday carry blade and made it even better by giving it the blade steel the original design deserved.

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1. Pelican Go G40 Case

Last month's most popular item is both a complete surprise and also something that makes perfect sense for EDCers. The Pelican Go G40 case is a watertight (IP67-rated) storage case for your phone, credit cards, cables, keys, and more, with a crushproof, dustproof, and everyday stuff proof design Pelican are known for. It's not just a container, though. Inside the hardened shell is an interior divider tray to keep your smartphone separate from your other essentials, along with slots for your cards and cash. It also comes with a storage strap to manage your cables and smaller items. The Pelican G40 Case is the ultimate companion for your EDC to take on every single adventure you can throw at it.

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Mikey Bautista

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Mikey Bautista is an everyday carry (EDC) expert who has been working with the EverydayCarry.com team for nearly a decade, starting with an interest in EDC as a hobby and ending up as a writer for the site in 2014. Through the years, he’s led the site in editorial content and writing about products across every category, from knives to bags to flashlights and everything in between, as well as discovering, bringing exposure, and building bridges with many brands in the industry. Today, he is the site's Director of Everyday Carry Operations, leading the editorial team and managing day-to-day operations.

He has lived through many personal and professional lives, spending nearly a decade in the workforce management industry, a minor career in gaming, and has lent a hand with entrepreneurial efforts back home in the Philippines. He has also been an active participant and helped build a number of significant social communities online, both for EDC and his other hobbies.

Mikey has been at the cusp of gaming, technology, and the internet since the ‘90s and continues to lend his experience, expertise, and authority to all his pursuits. When not online, in a game, or watching movies, you'll find him in the gym, speedrunning his next hobby, or talking at length about EDC with anyone willing to listen.

Bernard Capulong

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Bernard Capulong is an everyday carry (EDC) gear expert, entrepreneur, all-around nerd, and the founder and editor-in-chief of EverydayCarry.com—the largest online community for EDC gear enthusiasts. Since founding Everyday Carry in 2009, he’s built over a decade of experience in the industry, reviewing and highlighting brands and products, including pocket knives, flashlights, wallets, watches, bags, pens, and much more.

Bernard is known for bringing everyday carry out of obscurity and into the mainstream, having been published or featured in various publications such as GQ, TIME Magazine, The New York Times, VICE, HYPEBEAST, Outside, and many others. He has also played a part in curating, designing, and developing digital and physical products, resulting in successful crowdfunding projects or limited edition collaboration products with established softgoods brands. He stays on the pulse of the EDC industry by attending trade shows, participating in online interest communities, and actively engaging with fellow gear enthusiasts on social media.

In addition to being the editor-in-chief and main social media personality for EverydayCarry.com, Bernard is an avid gearhead and collector in general. His personal collections span technical bags, fountain pens, digital cameras, retro gaming hardware, personal hi-fi audio gear, and mechanical wristwatches, to name a few. Bernard Capulong is a prominent figure and trusted authority in the everyday carry industry with a career dedicated to helping people discover this hobby and stay prepared with quality gear.

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Some of these I have not seen in any submissions.
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Is EverRatchet American made?
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Happy to see a Rofis light make this list. I've been a big fan of my ER3A light for a while. The best balance of minimalism and power in a keychain light with a standard battery type that I have been able to find. While I prefer the simplicity of an AAA light, I am sure the TC1 is just as nice.
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