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TEC Accessories Ko-Axis Rail Pen

Ed Jelley
TEC Accessories Ko-Axis Rail Pen

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Whether it’s a flashlight, a backup battery, or a pen, cylindrical items aren’t typically the easiest to EDC in your pockets. Not to mention, they're prone to inconveniently rolling away whenever you set them down. That's why TEC Accessories bucked the trend of round-barreled pens and opted for a wide and flat rectangular form factor, not unlike your favorite pocket knife. This approach makes the pen sit flat in your pocket, while still being wide enough for a comfortable grip. The Ko-Axis Rail Pen leaves everything you’d come to expect in a pen behind, and the result is something new and exciting.

Upon seeing the rectangular design, you'll notice that there’s no cap on the Ko-Axis Rail Pen. To extend the D1 refill tip, simply pull on the grip and you’re ready to write. The grip rides on a set of rails that run the length of the pen, retracting the refill into the metal tip when not in use. It’s crafted from a mix of stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and bronze for a pleasant heft without being overbearing. The rails are made from stainless steel for durability, the body pieces from aluminum to cut weight, and the grip from bronze so the heft is centered where you hold the pen. To change out the refill, simply give it a pull, push the new one in, and you’re ready to write. They’ve even fitted it with a deep pocket carry clip so it can go unnoiticed until you really need it.

If you’re bored with carrying around a regular old ballpoint pen, consider giving the Ko-Axis Rail a look. It's a unique take on a writing instrument that’s just as easy to carry as it is to write with. The Ko-Axis rail is available in several different materials and colorways, including black or red anodized aluminum with steel accents and a warm bronze grip. You can pick one up for yourself for just under $80 at the link below.

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Goldthunder ·
Under 15$ made in America fisher space pen that never rolls! And has lasted through many, many hundreds of shifts at my job.
right?? as nice and as innovative this flat pen is, it's no justification to shell out $79 USD. I mean, kudos to those who can and are willing to, but for the common EDC'er, it's just not worth it
J K Hunter ·
Gotta agree. I’d be too pissed if someone borrowed it and didn’t return it
Dan Baxter ·
That's a "No" from me, Dawg.
Montana Actual ·
What is the knife?
James Draknareth Lambert ·
Victorinox Cadet
Jack H Litwin ·
Does anyone know who makes the phone case in this photo?
270ultimate ·
My guess is a Defense Lux from X-Doria
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