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After many years I've amassed a collection of wallets in different styles, textures, and sizes. Functionality ranged from simple and practical to trending and gimmicky (but actually useful), like pull tabs and triggers. I've accumulated enough experience to know what I loved and disliked about each wallet. It helped me narrow down choices for 2019.

My new wallet had to meet the following criteria: not leather, no bands that can rip or wear down, no plastic that can break, no pull tab (still love), no push and fan out method, no stretching issues (leather), clean, small foot print, affordable, quick access, won't fail the shake test, looks great for any occasion. One thing I could eliminate was the need to carry cash. I had another plan for that.

After many hours of research, videos, and reviews the Apex 2.0, from MstrMind Collective, rose to the top. See the proper link below. Others on the list were The Ridge and the Machine Era Slim, but again they relied on bands and/or the push and fan method. The Apex is 100% metal with an aluminum body and a stainless steel retention clip. I even broke out of my comfort zone and got it in silver, which will hide scratches well and look brand new for years. With one or 8 cards, they did not budge for the shake test. The clip is strong and keeps the amount I want to carry versatile. The metal is super nice to handle, and surprisingly absorbs your body heat. Having quick thumb access on both sides is great. I don't even have to take out the CC to pay. The lack of an elastic band doesn't cheapen the look either. I was concerned having a slab of metal in my front pocket but I can't even tell it's there.

In the picture I placed the Apex above the ManChDa, which is what the Apex replaced. I love that wallet though, and the setup with the Fisher Space pen. It was a cheaper Secrid/Ekster knockoff that I thought was smarter in how the outer sleeves were designed. Hack time - The blue bands around the ManChaDa and the HUSKK are replacement bands for the Elephant which had a thin rectangle ring at the end for keys that I took off. It actually stretches perfectly for the pen or a small Sharpie, and comes in an array of colors.

If you wanted to read more here is a quick run down of the others listed. Special recognition to the FNDN. I still love that wallet too, with the blue stitching. The leather weathered nicely, but cards started falling out after years of use. I had to keep a full deck just to keep them tight. Dax seems gimmicky but actually is a joy to use for those minimal card days. Love the Mighty Wallet but too big of a foot print and my last bifold. Not too impressed with the Sergeant. It still requires a certain amount of cards or they will fall out. Could be good for just cash or mini-tools. Doesn't seem like he makes a tarp version anymore too. The HUSKK was a cheap interim wallet for casual play. The pull tab snaps back on its own, which is cool. The Elephant I bought as a kit (see link below) before the FNDN. The N Wallet is a pain to use, and the E8 is kinda ridiculous.

MstrMind Collective Apex 2.0 - https://mstrmndcollective.com/products/apex-wallet-silver-vertical
Elephant Collection - https://elephantwallet.com/collections/collection_01/products/carbon-fiber-azure-collection

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