Futuristic EDC

Victorville, CA
been looking at a lot of Syd Mead futuristic art and watching movies like blade runner and thats what inspired this EDC setup. I feel like the TRAYVAX wallet really sells the futuristic aspect of my EDC and of course the Apple watch really makes me feel like I'm living in the future especially when sending a message from my wrist.

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What is that watch face you have? That's very sharp!
Yeah I would also like to know that
Sorry for the late reply! Its a gif of trench run from star wars converted into a Live photo so that it “locks on target” when turned on
Star wars trench run gif converted into a live photo :)
I really like the gear you carry.
Thanks, I like it too makes daily chores fun ;)
All you need is Deckard's Blaster and you are good to go! Do you find that the Trayvax Wallet tears up your pockets? I love the design, but that is my one concern. Cheers!
Man I wish I had Deckerds blaster!
I’ve had the wallet for about 2 weeks and theres no sign of wear