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2 new items in the EDC: the G48 (tricked out with aftermarket items) and the Spyderco Para3 from Baldes We Love...

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So you bought a pistol the same basic size as a G19 but only holds 10 rounds? Why not just get a G43? Or better yet a Sig P365 that holds 12+1. Just curious.
I have a G43, and use it as an ankle carry quite often, but I find it not nearly as shootable in "real life" training situations. I also have G19 that I LOVE, but often tends to be a bit thicker than I would prefer under some garments. I have fired the P365, and I love Sigs, but until they get that thing reliable, I am not carrying a pistol for protection that is not 100% reliable....no matter WHO makes the pistol. I love the IDEA of the P365, but just can't get there with their issues and problems they have tried to fix. Plus, the G48 is an easier pistol to control than the P365...that sucker is snappy in the hand. Great questions though.
You do realize the 365 issues have been worked out. The early models did have issues as do most first run pistols. The 365 is now as reliable as any other. In fact there's a video on YT that covers just this. They review a range rentsl P365 with a documented 11,000+ issue free rounds. Not a single malfunction/issue in 11k+ rounds. That's pretty stellar. I only EDC CCW sub-compacts so I don't really notice their snap any longer. Personally IMHO the P938 is the perfect EDC CCW. Small, light, dead reliable, safety, night sights, all metal, baby 1911 (9mm Colt Mustang).
PLEASE let me know you feelings after a 1k rounds. Thanks
Isn't it much slimmer than a G19? And single stack? That alone makes it easier to conceal. Both the ones mentioned are double stack and have a hefty profile to them. I would usually go that route too, and think they could have made the g48 with a shorter barrel, but I'd take a g48 over a g43 (b/c I have one and it's a pain in the ass to shoot and reload without manipulating your hand awkwardly). If the g48 had the same size barrel, I'd swap them right now. But that is mainly why I chose the S&W M2.0 3.6", because it's kind of in between. 13 rounds of .40 along with a spare mag or two.
Olight needs to jump on the silver/titanium market.
PREACH!!! I love OLight - cannot even tell you how many they have, but I need a 2-tone for my "aesthetic" in a big way! :-)
Maybe they will make a new one for the G48 even. I have a tlr-6 on my g43 and a tlr-1 on my G22, but I am hoping that olight makes something for the S&W M2.0 3.6", because nobody has anything that fits decently or looks good just yet. Some of the streamlights fit, but they leave a gap between the trigger housing and the light that makes my OCD cringe.