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Regardless of whether I'm burying my face in a cup of coffee at my desk during the week...or burying my face in a cup of coffee at a Starbucks on the weekends...these items are ALWAYS with me.

The wallet is a simple black leather wallet my son got me for Christmas a couple years ago. The key chain is a Ralph Lauren Polo item I added to my key fob to make the fob quickly accessible in my pocket.

The Space Pen & AirPods are the two latest editions to the rotation. I've had a few different Space Pens over the years and I've misplaced every single one of them, but I keep buying a new one because they're so damn handy (and, as a lefty, they write better than just about every other pen I've used.) The AirPods, regardless of their current meme status, are just cool...and after using them for a a little bit I can't imagine going back to a daily headphone option that has any kind of wire attached to it.

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