Winter EDC. Still on the lookout for the perfect wallet

James R.
Chicago, IL
Updated EDC with a few new items. Just got the Fantom wallet yesterday. I like it, but I'm still looking for the perfect wallet...

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Travis Blake ·
How well do you like the metal leatherman sheath?
James R. ·
I love it. I wanted something with easy, slide-out access (no flap with velcro or button closure) and something I can pull on and off my hip easily, but be secure (I hate having to thread a belt through belt slits on a holsters or pouches).
Travis Blake ·
I have been thinking about getting one, but didn't know how well they held up. Thanks! did you see they make some now that have the optional spot for the bit kit too?
James R. ·
Yes, I did! I think I bought mine before they came out with that version. I thought about buying one, but realized I hardly use my bit kit and I just keep them in my bag.

Anecdotally, mine has held up very well. Every once in a while (maybe once a year?) you may have to tighten up the retention flaps (not sure if that's what you call it) in the upper portion of the holster. But that's super simple: just push them together a little. Doesn't require that much force.

I'm hoping they'll make one for the new FREE series. I definitely want to get one of those and will "need" a RAE Gear sheath.
Kevin J Meyer ·
Have you checked out the 'Secrid' wallets yet? They're my personal favourite!
James R. ·
I have. I can't stand it. Just doesn't work for me.
Adam Harris ·
Look into Trayvax wallets. Quality gear.
James R. ·
Honestly, I hate those the most. I know a huge majority of the people on here love them. But I just hate them.