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Streamlight ProTac 90

Mikey Bautista
Streamlight ProTac 90

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Sometimes a task comes along that the usual tools can't solve. Whether it's an unfortunate situation or a problematic location, a specific tool can often make the difference. An angled flashlight is one such tool, with its ability to get into spaces other lights can't manage. Even better if it's one made by one of the most reliable and popular brands in EDC. When it comes to tight spots, Streamlight's ProTac 90 may be the right angle to get you out.

Streamlight are well-known for their highly reliable and affordable flashlights, offering excellent build quality and performance at the fraction of the cost of many of their peers. The ProTac 90 is no different. Three output modes can be powered by a CR123A battery to provide a maximum output of 300 lumens on High for 1.75 hours, or 125 lumens for up to 5.5 hours when using a lithium AA battery. The multi-fuel capability makes it convenient to trade power for runtime (or more accessible batteries) when out in the field. A rubber switch rests behind the angled head where the ProTac 90's C4 LED sits, allowing you to navigate its stock modes or switch to one of three other programs depending on your needs. All this is housed within a 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminum with black anodized finish, and IPX7-rated resistance to boot.

While the right angle created from the light's design offers illumination opportunities in places where there's little vertical clearance, its shape offers even more EDC-friendly utility. For starters, it's more comfortable and ergonomic to hold when in use, compared to an over- or underhand grip that requires a bit of wrist flexibility. There's also a reason many headlamps make use of an L-shaped flashlight: it means the light's body can stay flush against a headband while still pointing its beam straight ahead. The ProTac 90's included clip also allows alternative hands-free operation by letting you attach it to a harness or strap to keep its output level while still remaining within reach.

Streamlight's ProTac 90 gives you a no-frills, all-business right-angle flashlight that's an excellent addition to any flashlight kit. Pick one up at the Amazon link below.

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Goldthunder ·
May be a good addition. Thanks for the article.
Goldthunder ·
I use the stream light survivor for work and at home and camp and never have had an issue and have straight up abused those lights.