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DSPTCH Fidlock Keychain Set

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DSPTCH Fidlock Keychain Set

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These days, keychains aren't just for your keys anymore. There are all sorts of EDC items designed to fit on a keyring alongside your keys, and plenty of them offer unmatched functionality relative to their size. With that in mind, it could be worth upgrading what's often the weakest link in your EDC: your keychain. A few years ago, DSPTCH released a magnetic keychain system that was a bit ahead of its time, designed with quick access and modularity in mind. They've just updated the line with new and improved components, this time offering even more options for carrying all kinds of gear besides your keys. Whether you want a sleek way to EDC your keys, backup tools, credentials, or even a pair of AirPods, the new DSPTCH Fidlock Keychain Set can do it in a snap.

The keychain set components leverage the flexibility and durability of mil-spec nylon webbing with the convenience of magnetic Fidlock hardware. The system uses the same Fidlock attachment hardware and mounting hardware throughout, with the nylon webbing portions available in different shapes and fitted with different hardware to accommodate multiple carry options and use cases. The mounts and attachments are available separately, letting you mix and match to dial in your perfect setup to go with the rest of your kit.

Five different mount configurations include a gated D-ring, a snap closure, a plastic belt clip, and a locking plastic clip variant. The different mounts excel at different applications, like from a D-ring, a belt loop, or a shoulder strap. Some of the mounts even include a built-in split ring, giving you more options to attach gear beyond the magnetic attachment counterparts. The attachment pieces come in four variants, each designed to carry different essentials in your kit. The mini ring works for your keychain or keychain-sized tools you use frequently, while the other attachments are designed specifically to carry an Apple Watch, an AirPods case, or an ID card.

The Fidlock components latch to each other magnetically in a snap, without you needing to fuss around with spring-loaded gates or other moving parts. They're secure once mounted and require a deliberate pulling motion away from each other, which is made easier by DSPTCH's custom pull tabs on the attachment side. Each piece in the set is made in the USA and backed with DSPTCH's lifetime guarantee. You can browse the full collection to mix and match your own set to suit your EDC at the link below.

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