Everyday Carry Early 2019

After long time refinement, I've found a configuration which has functional but also slim profile that fit in my pocket without bulk.
The keychains and smartphone are new additions, others are my long-time favourites.Still I'm looking for a nice mechanical everyday watch and nice pocket flashlight,though.

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Hi, I`m currently surching for a nice keychain Organisator and your´s seems like a really good solution. Is it Selfmade and what´s the Concept behind it? Like the orbitkey but made of metal and with a little thingie (made from what?) to keep the keys in place?Thanks for sharing this nice EDC. Greetings from Germany. Johanna
Hi, Johanna.
The key organizer is made of a U-shaped brass plate, a little brass thingie and a chicago screw.
But unlike the orbitkey, it has no washer between the keys so the friction between the keys is not proper and I often feel uncomfortable when using the keys. So this is not so sophisticated as orbitkey(I love the simplicity of this,though).
Unfortunately, Tiny Formed is a very small company, and even in Japan it handles only a few stores, so it would be almost impossible to get it from outside Japan.
Sorry for not helping much.