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Is the Seiko SKX007 Worth It In 2020?

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Ed Jelley
Is the Seiko SKX007 Worth It In 2020?

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If you're in the market for new watch, you’re bound to come across the Seiko SKX lineup of divers in your search, and for good reason. The Seiko SKX (whether it be the classic SKX007, Pepsi-colored SKX009, or similar SKX173) has a long and storied history. Seiko’s first dive watch hit the market in 1965 and gradually underwent changes until 1996. The current version of the watch has been largely unchanged since then, proving itself to be a durable, reliable design for over two decades. It begs the question: does this decades old watch still hold up for modern EDC? Today, we're taking a closer look at the Seiko SKX series to see if this watch is a truly timeless timepiece, or if there are better watches out there for your EDC.

What Is It? Why Was It Popular?


The Seiko SKX is an ISO 6425-rated dive watch. It’s easy to gloss over this spec, but these few letters and handful of numbers play a significant role in the success of the SKX. In order to pass the specification, a watch must have a minimum of 100m depth rating, a unidirectional bezel with proper markings, a clear and legible dial, magnetic resistance, shock resistance, and a solid strap/band. So by achieving this certification, the SKX proves that it’s both reliable and capable of standing up to some serious use and abuse. 

In some cases, the watch exceeds the standard. For example, there's a day/date display and 200m of water resistance. The watch was (and still is) popular due to a few main reasons. You can snag one for just a hair over $200, so barrier to entry is pretty low considering what you get. Several variations of the watch subtly change the way it looks (such as bezel color, strap options, etc.), so there are plenty of models that appeal to a wide range of tastes. 

At the end of the day, it’s a classic looking dive watch that you can throw on a variety of straps and still have it look great. There aren’t any limited editions and they’re readily available both online and in stores.

Is It Worth Buying One Today?


After personally owning the Seiko SKX173 for over seven years, I can confidently say the Seiko SKX is certainly worth buying in 2020. I still reach for mine regularly. I’ve taken mine swimming, worn it on tons of vacations, and even wear it while doing yard work. It's the watch that I throw on when I don't want to have to worry about my watch. The watch has proven itself to be reliable after all these years. If you check on eBay, there are still plenty of examples of previous generations of this watch dating back to the 1970s that are still working just fine.

Other Options to Consider

Surges in popularity of dive watches have resulted in more options on the market. If the style of the SKX doesn’t speak to you, there are a few other watches that’ll tick many of the same boxes with a slightly different style:

  • Orient Mako: The Mako shares the same water resistance rating as the Seiko, but has a totally different look. It’s also even more affordable.

  • Seiko SKX013: While it’s still in the same series, this is basically a shrunken down version. Instead of the beefy 42mm steel case, the SKX013 is a more reasonable 37mm wide.

  • Citizen Eco-Drive BN0150-28E: If automatic movements aren’t your thing, consider an Eco-Drive watch from Citizen. This model features a chunkier, more aggressive case style and is powered by ambient lighting.

View Seiko SKX on Amazon

Have you carried the Seiko SKX? If so, let us know how it’s been working out for you in the comments below. Either way, we’d love to hear your opinion on this diver and any alternatives that you may even like better.

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Brad ·
The Orient Mako II USA with sapphire crystal got me. A little smaller than SKX007 and fells more solid to me.
The Mako II is a nice watch for a great deal, but the biggest difference is that the SKX007 is a true diver watch with its ISO 6425 certification.

But most people don't need ISO certification in a watch for what they use it for. Just always remember to screw the crown down and it should perform fine around water.

A better Seiko comparison for the Mako II USA might be the Seiko SNZF15. However I will note that the Mako has some desirable features the SNZF15 does not-- namely it has a hand-winding and hacking movement.
A fantastic watch that has earned it's fame. Your best value for an ISO certified watch-- It has a bombproof movement that will last for years to come. As a testament to it's durability you can still find well-loved (but recently serviced) SKX007s dating back to the 90's on eBay that go for around USD$125.

And as versatile as it is durable, it is a watch that looks great worn on many occasions. To me the watch always makes me want to charter a deep sea fishing boat on a warm summer day, but it would be just as at home worn with a suit and tie or business casual.

Not to mention that there are mods galore out there for this watch. You can DIY pretty much any SKX007 mod you can dream up, or there are plenty of folks out there willing to sell you a completely modded watch of their own design (Yobokies and Mad Mod World come to mind)-- or make your own dream become a reality.
Matthew James ·
Love mine too. Mine’s currently on the same black and grey striped nato strap.

Wear it a lot, and it can dress up, or down, as required.

It’s tough and durable, and I know it can handle any situation.
That is my everyday watch. Even have the same band as the cover photo. Best purchase I ever made.
Justin Metcalf ·
I own an skx007j1. Great watch and a very good value. Besides the colorways, there are also different countries of origin, which is indicated by the letter after the ‘007’. I like JDM pieces, so thats what i got, but there are also malaysian pieces out there. Im not sure if there is really any difference in quality but there is a slight difference in price. Also whether you get a bracelet or strap can influence the price. There is also a cool orange colorway, i think skx011, that is out there, also 42mm. Long island watch is a great place to get one. Good writeup!