EDC Update mid 2019

Wayne Cheah
Law Student (age 22)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Added the BABY-G Digital Quartz BLX-560-1ER because it was offered for under $50 and it fit well on my slender wrist and the Bigidesign Titanium pocket tool with a stanley blade as my daily cutting implement. Covers most of what I need as a student but still wanna look for a good knife for the heck of it.

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Rudolf Six ·
Would you recommend the titanium pocket tool?
Wayne Cheah ·
It's a good tool for all basic to medium cutting tasks especially if you don't want to maintain a knife's edge or do dirty work. Definitely not for heavy cutting due to it's size cause bearing down on it would hurt. It's slim so traveling with it is a dream and blades are easy to replace. It's not one-handed opening but with use overtime you can kind of work it one-handed since it breaks in (It comes really stiff at first). I definitely recommend this tool, but if you don't mind a thicker tool, carrying it separately with a pocket clip and can afford it, the TPT slide would be also be awesome.
Rudolf Six ·
Thanks! Do you own the slide?
Wayne Cheah ·
Nope but I've held a friend's one and used it for a bit before