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Guatemala City, Guatemala
Last year I developed this EDC for a work season in urban and rural Peten in northern Guatemala. My intention was to develop a compact pocket every day carry without compromising utility. I first tried different combinations in which I included my old and trustful Victorinox Manager and my Compact, but both sak's added more volume than I wanted. Enter the Swisscard: this multitool and the Chums wallet are a match made in EDC heaven! =D ; but yes they work together great and keep my pockets slim. When it comes to utility, I missed the Manager's phillips screwdriver every now and then, but other than that, the triplet Swisscard-falshlight-carabiner/multitool had me covered. For more complex tasks I kept a 5 layer 85 mm sak in my backpack.

The star of this EDC is my Protrek PRW2500T, a great ABC watch packed with functions and features. During the work season I used its 5 alarms and barometer everyday, but I also used the stopwatch and timer regularly. The atomic calibration feature kept this watch more accurate than William Tell.

This EDC worked so well for me that I've been using it since I came back from Peten: it has become my election for trips outside Guatemala City, I use it regularly at home and work with other EDC's I've have developed, and I took it with me for my first travel to the US last year.

Hasta la próxima muchachos.

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