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Dimitris Dimitrakakis
Athens, Greece
As a real estate agent these items are always on me whether I'm wearing casual or formal. There are a couple of items not shown such as my custom YellowBirtch Leather Notebook and my Huawei Mate 20 with custom leather case/wallet.

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Connor Ross Taylor ·
What is the titanium bracelet? The “Benaki museum” yah seems to be incorrect
Dimitris Dimitrakakis ·
Hey Connor, sorry for the late reply and thanks for asking. The bracelet is solid silver hand made by a jewler located in the center of Athens Greece. This bracelet is ancient and the original is located in the Benaki Museum. The Athens Jewler commissioned the bracelet from the Museum and made copies of it. It was not easy to get but if you like it I could place an order for you or bring you directly into contact with the craftsman. The cost of the bracelet goes for about 400euros.
Phil Mercurio ·
what's a "Benaki Museum"?
Dimitris Dimitrakakis ·
Hi Phil, it is a Museum is all its sence. Check the answer I gave to Connor right above to see if it was helpful. If you require more pics of the bracelet, closeups, I could send them to you via any medium you prefer.