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“Great things come in small packages” has never been more true for the modern flashlight. What used to be a choice between power and size has now simply become a choice of convenience. FOURSEVENS has a long history of making cutting-edge compact lights for EDC, and now under the banner of Prometheus Lights they continue to innovate in both design and tech. The Mini Turbo MkIII packs impressive power and features into a pocket-friendly profile, proving that you don't have to compromise to carry a great flashlight.

This third iteration of FOURSEVENS's Mini Mk series makes two significant upgrades that warrant it a serious look. The first is a larger “Turbo” head that gives the light a bigger smooth reflector (and thus a longer throw), to the tune of 20 meters more than its predecessor. Inside the head resides a new Cree XPL-HI LED in a neutral white tint, which gives you a maximum output of 700 lumens at 4500K (a pleasant 75+ CRI) and a top range of 200 meters. Tint and power are one thing, but the MkIII takes a step further by allowing you to customize its outputs to 6 profiles. With options such as a single High output, access to all modes, or a versatile Low-Medium-High arrangement, the light operates as simple or as complex as you'd like through its twisty interface.

The rest of the MkIII's body is made from 6061-T6 anodized aluminum, with an extra-tough IPX8 rating that's more than capable of rigorous daily tasks. And in spite of its tiny 2.38” length, there's still room to fit a solid clip and a magnetic tailcap that lets you light up those hard to reach spaces. The total package including the MkIII's included high-discharge RCR123A battery barely tips the scales at 1.8 ounces, further cementing its purpose as a capable everyday light.

With enthusiast features and robust construction in a size that's easy to carry, the FOURSEVENS Mini Turbo MkIII earns a spot in any EDCer's pocket. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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Bryan Roesslet ·
I find "...and a magnetic tailcap that also houses its single-button switch" a bit misleading. This is a twisty UI. That "button" in the middle is the magnet, not a switch, which makes me wonder if the reviewer ever held or operated the thing.

I have a few of them in turbo and non- models and various generations. I appreciate their size and enjoy the addition of the magnetic base, but actually prefer the bi-directional clip of their previous version over this iteration. Bill-of-cap clipping is just too convenient to trade for stainless steel, IMHO.
Mikey Bautista ·
Apologies for the details regarding the light's operation, I've corrected the post to reflect the twisty interface.
schwiiing ·
These guys are so close, but it's still a miss for me. The O-Light S10R offers all of the features that the MKIII has with the addition of a bi-directional clip and charging through the magnetic base - at a cheaper price. The charging base is included with the S10R and is far easier than removing the battery to use the generic charger that they sell for an up-charge.
Nick Phillips ·
Exactly. I see no reason whatsoever to spend that much money on this light there are far better for much, much cheaper.