Anodize at home with baking soda and electricity

3 tone anodizing. Easy DIY

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I was thinking it might be a little to busy.
Nah. Since you don't know how to use this site, I'm not notified that you commented. I keep checking back HOPING you'd wise up to the fact that you've spammed the site. But, nah. You keep trying to bluster and pretend you're brushing it off.
Boy oh boy you got a real chip on your shoulder . Life is to short friend. Get a grip it's really not that big of a deal James . Just wanted to get some of my post on the site to join in on the conversation . And get some feedback I had no idea I would encounter somebody like you that was so obsessed to the point to go out of there way and try and make something out of nothing . You really think that Your " I'm going to teach a lesson" attitude some how is going to change anything ? It's not . Why is anybody on here if not to share ? You come off like your only here to troll and talk crap. Maybe you have no control in your real life and this some how gives you a platform to safely put people down? Idk like I said I'll be your friend and give you some likes when you post something. No worries buddy
And why should anybody do things the way you want them done ? Why your guidelines on how to post are something to follow ? Who are you? And why should anybody listen ?
Meh. It's more of the fact that you can't see yourself and how badly you come off on spamming the site. Because, trust me, others have messaged me and said the same thing.

You're making me laugh because you're REALLY reaching in trying to make up scenarios where you think I have no control over real life, blah, blah, blah.... This takes 2 minutes to come on here. And the reason why I care? What you try to pretend to say: I've built some great relationships on here and I like this site. I don't like spammers like you messing it up.

So, don't contradict yourself in where you earlier said this was about meeting people, but then pretending this doesn't make a difference.

You spamming the site is NOT welcome.
You and have been talking almost every day since I've been on here. What's the difference? You've got the spam thing out of your system right James ? So what do you think of the anodizing job on the post you keep commenting on ? Honest opinion.
Nah. You don't acknowledge the fact that you've spammed the site. So I'm going to keep saying it. Honestly, I don't care about your anodizing job. I don't think they look all that great. But it's not like they're terrible. I have zero issue with the content. It's the number of times you posts and it gives a "LOOK AT ME!" vibe on TOP of the spamming. Especially when you try to say "kinsfather designs". Put that stuff in your EDC post. But don't post NINE times on the same damn day.
That's what it's all about right?
I've only been on the site for a few days and I'm already making friends
Good for you. You look at the counters for validating your "friends"? hahahaha. Trust me, that means nothing.
Come on I'll be your 3rd follower and you can be my 2nd. Lol
Most of us that are on here and those that participate actively in the other everydaycarry social sites don't follow each other. Cute that you think that validates you.
Just with Sean . Your starting to grow on me
Lol. So you don't know how to use this site? You continue to comment but can't actually REPLY. No wonder why I didn't know that was directed at Sean. Yikes. You clearly don't know how to use this site. First spamming, then you have no idea how to reply...
Hahaha that's so cute! Why don't you just follow me already James . It's obvious you want to be my friend
I thought you were bored and it was played out? You keep commenting... Sounds like you need friends. Is that why you spammed the site?
Boring and played out lol
That's how a few people who've messaged me feel about your posts.
Agreed with James R. You're spamming this site.
Thanks James R. Have a good life buddy
Look I don't have the pocket space to carry a conversation with web trolls with nothing better to do . thanks James hope things pick up for you. and carry well
We don't have time scrolling past your spam. This isn't trolling. This is legitimate since you're spamming the site. Look at EVERY OTHER PERSON's submissions. They don't post NINE posts in a day. Seems like you have nothing better to do than spam a good site.
Every item I have posted is absolutely mine! Everything I have created is 100% origial one of a kind and machined by myself . The pictures are taken by me . Every item is carried . Cycled through, depending on the day and needs there of
Once again, you're not reading. I didn't say that they weren't yours. I'm saying you can't possibly EDC all of these all at the same time. And, you're posting multiple pics of stuff that you're trying to promote that you "designed" yourself. Look at others. How many others post NINE posts within a day? The very definition of spamming. If you TRULY are EDC'ing all of these, post it all in one or two pics. Stop spamming the feed with NINE posts.
I don't know about you James R. Myself and others love looking at other people's gear. The input from a community helps creators and collectors alike, do and find better things. I'm sure most of us have decided to pick up an item or two based on the show and tell of others .
You're spamming the site. Post your items in one or a few posts. You're posting a bunch of posts that are clearly not your EDC at a time. Having 9 posts in a day is garbage and spamming.You're spamming the site. Post your items in one or a few posts.
Agreed. I wish the monitors would be more active. The multiple posts is totally spam. So annoying.
Oops. Moderators. Not monitors.
Can you stop spamming the site?