EDC in deference to arthritis.

Retired (age 60)
This has undergone a tremendous change in the past few months. Having had both hips replaced due to arthritis it has since moved to my lumbar spine and my hands. I still have a decent range of motion with the hands so I am able to still use my favorite pistol design, the 1911, this will I expect change in years to come and will, I expect, require more changes.
However the .45 acp, my old standby, and the 9MM both tend to hurt too much for extended range sessions.

Dropping down to the .380 ACP, yes I know place howls from "mousegun" haters here, allows me to shoot as much as I need to feel proficient in their use. To me, this is important because my family depends upon me for their protection, well at least some of it, my wife shoots as well as I do.

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