Chrome and Black Edition EDC

Developer (age 24)
Istanbul, Turkey
Welcome to my EDC.
If I need to explain one by one:
1)I like knives and ready to be prepared this multitool brings together everything I need
(this tool is too expensive in my country.I bought after 2 years saving money)

2)I use old phone cause i dont have a job and phone prices are really high also dont like social media (I'm 24 yo)
cause dont have social life

3)Each tool must have a cover

4)I dont smoke but you don't know when a woman wants a lighter

5)Lighter is more cool with this pouch

6)I dont like cash cause always lost.Its enough for my debit and credit cards also my identity card

7)Mostly use for bootle opener sometimes prybar its not original EverRatchet bought from AliExpress but enough for me

8)Using for Emergency cash

9)Not to use leatherman all time

10)This flashlight is highly useful i glued some neodymium magnets on clips

11)This ring is my birthday gift from my best friend thanks again

12)the pen is mightier than the sword

I will upgrade my EDC when ı get a job

thank you !

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