Black, Gray and Red EDC

Draftsman (age 48)
Pittsburg, CA

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Cool carry,Rene
Thanks, so far I like it. Might be changing out the wallet soon. Don't like how the Dango wallet falls to the bottom of my pocket. I would rather have a wallet with a money clip that I would use as a pocket clip.
Like your style Rene. Nice gear! How do you like the mechforce flashlight? Been wanting one
Absolutely love it, other than the diameter of it. Still it's a great looking and performing light.
I’m always impressed with your EDC gear. I wish I had your gear. It puts mine to shame.
I don't think so, I've seen your carbon fiber carry. Very nice!!
Nice looking scales on that Spyderco!!
Thanks, but that's the Benchmade Mini Griptilian with AWT Scales.
The knife is a Benchmade Mini Griptilian with AWT scales