Phoneless carry

Trying out something a bit different and swapping the pen/notepad combo out with a dedicated voice recorder for ideas, to-dos, and capturing everyday moments. The Kent folding comb has become the go-to fidget item which is great for keeping the beard in check.

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ando ·
That picture has a certain recognition value to me: You're last post with the unihertz atom has really made me look it up and think about getting it myself to replace iPhone 7. I never had a problem with too much social media except for an hour long scrolling in reddit subs like r/edc and r/knifeclub.
But big respect! Now you go a big step further! I love to leave my phone off and out of battery for days but unfortunately exactly the time having it off important things were tried to be communicated to me, or even just my mother being preoccupied about not reaching me (but now I make my gf text her 😅).
Great style, also wanted to mention the swastikas in the pattern instantly hit my eyes in the aforementioned post already. And just for less educated people wondering: it's an ages old symbol that's been used by many cultures and has unfortunately been misused in the recent past...
Carry on Bro!
Wb ·
*What year is it??*
Bernard Capulong ·
i dig it. phones can be powerful productivity tools but just as powerful as a distraction. hope this works out for you!