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Juan Estey
Hood River, OR
Juan Estey is my name. I am an artist and a youth mentor living in the Columbia Gorge. This is my EDC (along with my iPhone and my "Super Cooper" keys, which have been recently accompanied by a Blue Tooth iPhone Trigger. Because of the nature of my work, quick access to my notes and having some "unexpected delay fillers" (e.g., a book, sketchbook, iPod…etc.) is important to me. The "nail care" set is helpful for keeping my fingers "guitar ready" and the blade is…well…you know, it comes in handy in many situations (it keeps an edge and its grip feels great)! The Behance Action Journal aids in breaking down my projects into smaller action steps. The Moleskine A4 Portfolio sketchbooks feature the best paper I've found and after yesterday's 690th, daily sketch I'm still content with the way they handle various mediums (e.g., inks, markers, watercolors…etc). With a padded section for a laptop, a deep “main section” and various compartments the DA Nomad Backpack is the best backpack I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, DA has ceased offering these backpacks.

The Traveler’s Notebooks: In 2012 I stumbled across the Midori Traveler’s Notebook and it was love at first sight! The “MTN” is a minimalistic note-taking system with a wonderful history (R Ë S O R's and Pencils.jp's customer service are both great). The DIY TN is for general notes and it includes an “emergency” sketchbook. The black MTN includes an insert for meditations and reflections as well as a calendar/agenda insert. The small TN is for “on the go” note-taking because it fits in most pockets (e.g., coat, pants, sweater…etc). Everyday I “travel” somewhere (though I'm trying to remain home on Tuesdays to work on my upcoming children's book) and when I do, these are my essentials.

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