M/27/Self Employed. My EDC

Sunglasses - These are some Polaroid sunglasses I picked up for 10 bucks. I thought they were pretty minimal, and fit my head well.

Power bank - I got this for free in a newspaper promotion from a hardware store. I wrapped it to cover the ugly branding.

Watch - A Casio F91W-1, the time tested classic. I used to wear expensive watches, but lately I prefer the utility of something both reliable and practically disposable. I disassembled this, removed the branding/labelling on the face, and inverted the screen for a more minimal look.

Wallet - An unbranded ridge knockoff that replaced a leather bifold I used for almost twelve years. I initially bought this from eBay for five bucks to see how I liked the ridge style design, but it's holding up quite nicely.

Notebook - Oxford Black n' Red brand. I have no brand preference or loyalty, I use these things as log books for work and fill them pretty quick. They're durable and cheap.

Pen - An Inventery bolt action pen, in the medium size. Heavy brass and clicky bolt action.

Torch - A Led Lenser TT. Incredibly powerful, and small. Feels nice in the hand, too.

Phone - A Wileyfox Swift 2. I have no preference for phones and only chose this for its low price point. The fingerprint scanner is a neat touch, and it performs well.

Belt - Havona Labs HL-V belt. Tactile and fun.

Camera - I put my Pentax film camera in the shot here, although I usually carry a digital Sony A5000. I used that one to take these pictures, so this is a placeholder.

Keys - Lets me into my home. I also keep a little thumbdrive on there with a linux liveboot.

Necklace - A Mjolnir pendant. I think I got this from Wulflund. Hand forged iron and a leather cord I made.

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