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Shop Here: Moleskine, SoHo, NYC

Everyday Carry
Shop Here: Moleskine, SoHo, NYC

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Is there anyone these days who doesn’t own a Moleskine notebook? These ubiquitous journals, carried by architects, artists, writers and everyone in between, are synonymous with analog journaling and keeping memories of travel, culture, and life alive with pen and paper. 

The Moleskine journal is actually a re-imagining of a legendary, unnamed notebook used by some of history’s most famous artists and thinkers, including Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Ernest Hemmingway. The simple black book with rounded corners, an elastic page holder, and internal expandable pocket was originally produced by a small French bookbinder and was popular in Paris in the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1997 a Milan-based publisher re-imagined the notebook and established the Moleskine trademark, making it the iconic piece we know today. 

The modern, open layout of of Moleskine’s 538-square-foot SoHo shop (located at 436 West Broadway) highlights the classic journal—although the company keeps in touch with the digital age as well with new products like their Evernote Business Notebook ($33), featuring an optimized layout for the Evernote page camera for ease of digitally saving your notes (the notebook includes a three month subscription to Evernote Premium). And while you can pick up a Moleskine almost anywhere, the shop is worth checking out for its variety of offerings, from the original journals—both coated cardboard and leather—to a host of other classic everyday carry items like writing instruments, bags, sketchbooks, reading glasses, and planners. Artsy details throughout, like wall paintings and sketches of Proust in Moleskines, are a nice touch, too.

Do you carry a Moleskine? Would you like to visit this showroom one day? Let us know and leave a comment below!

Words by Ashleigh VanHouten
Photos courtesy of Moleskine

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Chris Krause ·
Definitely will be taking a detour if I am within a couple hundred miles!!
Chris Krause ·
That would be Awesome!!
luke ·
use it... wish I lived near by [live in IN]
Andrew ·
It's probably a good thing this is not near me. I could see this getting expensive!
Jonathan Smyth ·
Great store! Moleskine notebooks used to be fairly hard to find when I started using them about 15 years ago, I would buy 2 or 3 whenever I found them! Now I can just go to this store!