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Olight Seeker 2 Pro

Bernard Capulong
Olight Seeker 2 Pro

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Innovations in the flashlight scene often tend to go in one of two seemingly opposite directions: portability or raw output. We've seen keychain lights get smaller and smaller, and on the other end, LED-equipped behemoths that push out a monstrous amount of lumens. Fortunately for us EDCers, Olight's latest model brings the innovation they're known for to a sweetspot of pocket-friendliness and power. The new Olight Seeker 2 Pro leverages all-new battery technology to deliver 3200 lumens and a slew of advanced features all in a pocket-sized form factor.

It's easy to marvel at whatever latest-and-greatest LED you'll find in the business end of a flashlight, but the unsung hero of the Olight Seeker 2 Pro would probably be its battery. It's Olight's first light to boast a 21700 battery, an upgrade to the usual 18650 battery in its class that lets the Seeker 2 Pro achieve this next-level performance. The Seeker 2 Pro's custom 21700 battery measures only a few millimeters larger than an 18650 cell, but it ups the capacity from 3600mAh to 5000mAh for much longer runtimes while keeping a sleek silhouette.

Thanks to its battery's excellent capacity-to-size ratio, the Seeker 2 Pro stays compact at just over 5” in length. the head of the light is well-proportioned to the body also, with a 1.38” diameter that tapers to 1.10” through the body. The single-cell barrel of the light offers better ergonomics compared to larger, multi-cell lights, especially in conjunction with milled finger grooves coated with industrial silicone. It gives the light a rubberized feel for a comfortable, non-slip grip.

Above the grip section lies the Seeker 2 Pro's large side switch, complete with built-in brightness and battery indicator lights. Four lights on each side display the lumen setting (400, 800, 1600, and 3200 lumen intervals) and remaining battery (25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% levels) at a glance. The switch grants instant access to moonlight or Turbo mode from the off position, mode memory options, auto-off timers, and lockout modes as well.

Once the light's on, a cluster of three cool white Cree XP-L HD LEDs and total internal reflection optics at the head deliver a smooth, even beam. The Seeker 2 Pro offers 5 brightness mode (as well as a strobe mode), from a 5-lumen low lasting 12 days to a 3200 lumen max output burst for 2 minutes, which steps down to 600 lumens for over two hours. At the other end, you'll find a knurled tailcap with a flat, magnetic base for tailstanding and mounting on metal surfaces, as well as an integrated lanyard attachment point for easy retrieval.

That magnetic base also works with Olight's magnetic charging cable, making recharging the custom Li-ion battery especially convenient. The Seeker 2 Pro also comes with an L-shaped mount to dock the light at work, in the garage, and so on when it's not in use, as well as a holster for easy carry. Last but not least, the Seeker 2 Pro features the durable materials and features you'd expect in an EDC light, like IPX8 water resistance and anodized aluminum construction. You can pick up Olight's latest at the link below.

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Eric Tutunjian ·
Looks pretty sweet! I have the Olight PL Mini 2 Valkryie 600 for my Glock 19 and love it. Lasts forever and still extremely bright. I have several mini flashlights in my EDC Kits bit if i upgrade it will definitely be the Olight. Great article!
Hero Dolder ·
Just received this today going to be fun putting it through its paces and how it compares to their other lights.
Greg ·
Love the silicone grips and LED indicators. Great throw. Small enough form factor that I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't have a pocket clip. I'm hoping for a aftermarket kydex sheath to come out in the near future.
Overall, it's an Olight, so I know that the quality is there. Very happy with this light.
paul evans ·
I just ordered one from eBay and hope to have it shortly. Looks great though.