This added with a few extras and I'm set for a day out.

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Simply awesome! What can I say? If I had half of your gear, I would throw mine away! I’m always amazed at what people carry, but you sir have got one of the best posts here. Fantastic job! I look forward to seeing more of your posts.
Lol. I just love edc. Its a fun hobby and useful too.
Some stuff about the carry:
-the g10 pelican case is a perfect fit for that anger charger.
-the biolite mini is also a battery back up as well. Also offers a stone feature and a red light when trying to avoid bugs.
-the black bands on the bit set and the charging cords is just a mini ranger band.
-the main pouch in the bag is large enough to fit a Glock 34 with a surefire light and a trijicon Rmr. If you go smaller you can use a velcro holster to set up your firearm exactly how you want it drawn.
- the back part has a mesh backing that can perfectly fit a side ballistic panel.