My Everyday Carry

Paris, France

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Jonathan Smyth ·
Nice pic. Not surprisingly if you look at Graphic designers Carrys they are generally the most artfully arranged photos.
LaBrousse ·
Great stuff, Nice photo. Wise response TomTom.
Seth Kalapp ·
TomTom, what exactly is that iPhone case?
TomTom ·
Simply... Apple iPhone 6 Silicone Case
Brandon ·
Woah that a ton of stuff
Crystal Hubert ·
I'm guessing you work in the computer engineering or security field! Oh wait--I see your job description now. I was close! Most of this stuff makes sense. Although I've gotta say, my everyday carry isn't stuff I actually ever have to use 90% of the time. It's that 10% of the time you're really glad you have it that it REALLY counts, and it's worth having it every day.
Andrew Davidson ·
I wish these had explanation surrounding the decisions that went into them. Why does he need 3 multi-tools? Why is there a mouse that isn't compatible with the tablet? Is there a camera in that Domke case?

Right now it just looks like people are emptying a junk drawer onto a desk.
TomTom ·
Why 3 multi-tools ?
Because each one is dedicated in different functions.
One in my pant’s pocket, one in my jacket and the last one in my backpack.

Why a mouse ?
Of course, it’s not for my iPad…
I use my own private mouse between my computer in my office and my home’s iMac.

Why a Domke Case ?
To protect and carry 2 portable hard drives.

Why do you waste your time to comment my pic if you think it’s junk ?
Please show us your EDC’s pic ☺
Francisco Parroquin ·
nice pic!!!