My Everyday Carry

Paris, France

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Nice pic. Not surprisingly if you look at Graphic designers Carrys they are generally the most artfully arranged photos.
Great stuff, Nice photo. Wise response TomTom.
TomTom, what exactly is that iPhone case?
Simply... Apple iPhone 6 Silicone Case
Woah that a ton of stuff
I'm guessing you work in the computer engineering or security field! Oh wait--I see your job description now. I was close! Most of this stuff makes sense. Although I've gotta say, my everyday carry isn't stuff I actually ever have to use 90% of the time. It's that 10% of the time you're really glad you have it that it REALLY counts, and it's worth having it every day.
I wish these had explanation surrounding the decisions that went into them. Why does he need 3 multi-tools? Why is there a mouse that isn't compatible with the tablet? Is there a camera in that Domke case?

Right now it just looks like people are emptying a junk drawer onto a desk.
Why 3 multi-tools ?
Because each one is dedicated in different functions.
One in my pant’s pocket, one in my jacket and the last one in my backpack.

Why a mouse ?
Of course, it’s not for my iPad…
I use my own private mouse between my computer in my office and my home’s iMac.

Why a Domke Case ?
To protect and carry 2 portable hard drives.

Why do you waste your time to comment my pic if you think it’s junk ?
Please show us your EDC’s pic ☺