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Kevin Michaluk
Winnipeg, Manitoba
As Chief Media Officer of a Top 100 online media publisher (one of the largest in the tech space), I travel a lot. I attend a lot of conferences and launch events, I'm in a lot of meetings, both on the sales/biz dev side and on the editorial/publishing side, where we talk to companies from small startups to Fortune 100s.

Depending on what I'm doing my attire trends from extremely casual to more sharply dressed business casual, so I have staple accessories like my watches, bracelet and belt that work for dressing up and down while maintaining my style aesthetic.

I'm "Mr. Connected" and live off my phone, so I always travel with the latest and greatest gadgets and change those out a lot as cool stuff comes to market. I always have two phones with me (often four - one from each mobile platform including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone), and typically two sets of headphones too. The Bose QC20i in-ear buds are amazing on airplanes, or when I need to take a call with a lot of background noise. I love listening to music when I'm sitting down at my laptop and working or have a moment to relax, so always have quality pair of over the ear headphones with me too. The new Master & Dynamic headphones have a great sound (I also have B&O H6's that are awesome).

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Alex Bailey ·
Wow, someone bought a Blackberry Passport! Nice shot.
G.Toya ·
Nice Headphones. The Passport is and odd shape but still looks cool.
Turhaan Samodien ·
Superb quality!