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Nice Carry,Chris liking the Timascus clips
Thanks Mark!
That light....I know it has to be awesome... What makes it so special? I'm only asking because the price.... And I'm NOT implying it's too expensive, whatever THAT means...:)
And I'll be looking into those clips as well.... Nice, minimalist edc!!!
I appreciate it Matt! I’ve tried dozens of lights, and I could never find the perfect light that checked all my boxes...until I decided to pull the trigger on the Oveready Boss. Here are the main selling points for me: 1) The light output and runtime combined in an incredibly small package. 2) The secondary red emitter, which I actually use on an almost daily basis (including the bounce feature), and 3) The driver, which is user programmable via smartphone. The icing on the cake is the flawless titanium construction, and user replaceable parts. It’s seriously a light you could pass on to your kids, and it does everything a flashlight should do. In short, it’s EDC light perfection...you just have to be willing to spend the money 😁 Buy once, cry once, right? 🍻
How did you do the pocket clips?
Hey Ryan, the clips were both made by a custom knife maker named APurvis Blades. He machines them from billet “Black Timascus”, which is Zirconium and Timascus mixed. Timascus is several types of titanium forged together, just like Damascus steel, except with titanium. This gives the clips that unique look!
Very nice!