EDC with a PocKit pouch

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Okay, yes, that is a lot of stuff to be carrying around all day. But indulge me and I can assure you that it all fits on my person.

The PocKit is the most important piece, as it does most of the heavy lifting if you will. What is it carrying? The Skeletool, pens, notebook, RUK, bit kit, nail clippers, and i3T EOS.

So what does that leave us with?

The Keybar with the Style CS, and the Kershaw hangout in the front right pocket. The wallet and hanky go in the back right pocket. The S1R II goes in the left front pocket along with my phone (not pictured), and the PocKit is in the back left until I reach my destination at which time I take it out to sit (usually at my office desk). Admittedly, the PocKit often ends up in my shoulder bag instead of my back pocket. Still easy to get to and keeps my smaller EDC items organized.

That just leaves the Glock, and watch. I carry AIWB (in a holster, not pictured). I think the watch is pretty obvious.

So there you have it, everything in its place! Is this a lot to carry? Yeah, sure. Am I gonna use it all everyday? I doubt it. But as the old adage goes, I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.


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SoCal Jack ·
Thanks for sharing your loadout and for the description on how it's all on body carry. Please can you show your holster, spare mag carrier and gun belt. Thanks brother!
Greg ·
I use a Vedder Light Tuck AIWB and spare mag IWB. My belt is a Kore Essentials ratcheting gun belt.