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Fenix E30R

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Mikey Bautista
Fenix E30R

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With a long history of making solid and popular flashlights for EDC, Fenix know a thing or two about making a reliable light. And when given the platform for an 18650 battery—one of the most versatile cells for flashlights—the light they make is distilled down to a simple and efficient machine. Fenix’s E30R is every bit the modern flashlight, with the power and features you’ve come to expect with a few unique features that remove any doubt as to its place in your pocket.

The first thing to notice about the E30R is its size. At under only 3.9“ long it’s barely larger than the 2.5” 18650 that powers it, making it easy to carry in both hand and pocket. But don’t be fooled by its size—thanks to its Luminus SST40 LED it’s able to push out up to 1600 lumens on Turbo along with 5 other modes including Strobe and a 30-lumen Eco mode with a 70-hour runtime. A single side switch handles operation, while doubling as a battery indicator.

Speaking of battery, the E30R’s other key feature is its magnetic charging. Rather than adding additional length by placing the charging mechanism in the tailcap, it’s instead integrated on the opposite side of the side switch. An included magnetic charging cable terminates in USB, making it convenient to top up the light using the rest of your existing tech, taking about 3 hours to charge the included 3500mAh battery up to full.

Daily carry shouldn’t be a problem for the light thanks to its IP68-rated anodized aluminum housing, with an included bezel-up clip for ease of attachment to a pocket or bag webbing. The clip even acts as a kind of “hardware lock” by simply twisting it so it sits over the side switch to prevent any accidental activation. No matter how you carry, its 1.8 oz weight without the battery is light enough in the pocket for an easy EDC.

If you’ve been on the fence about adding an 18650 light to your EDC, there’s little excuse to pick the Fenix E30R as your next one. Check it out at the Amazon link below.

Buy on Amazon: $80.45*

* Price accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change.

Mikey Bautista

Director of Everyday Carry Operations

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Mikey Bautista is an everyday carry (EDC) expert who has been working with the EverydayCarry.com team for nearly a decade, starting with an interest in EDC as a hobby and ending up as a writer for the site in 2014. Through the years, he’s led the site in editorial content and writing about products across every category, from knives to bags to flashlights and everything in between, as well as discovering, bringing exposure, and building bridges with many brands in the industry. Today, he is the site's Director of Everyday Carry Operations, leading the editorial team and managing day-to-day operations.

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Mikey has been at the cusp of gaming, technology, and the internet since the ‘90s and continues to lend his experience, expertise, and authority to all his pursuits. When not online, in a game, or watching movies, you'll find him in the gym, speedrunning his next hobby, or talking at length about EDC with anyone willing to listen.

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