Blacked Out Friday Carry

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You have the same deep carry clip I have. Mine is wearing too... kinda sucks. The original that came with the knife was worn in under a month too. But my $7 Tec p-7 keyring suspension clip is 3 years old and still looks brand new...

Just bought a Benchmade 535 and it came with a deep carry clip. Hopefully this one stays black ;)

Nice carry. But how come you didn't get a laptop with discrete GPU? My Acer came with a 1060 and I got it to keep the load off the cpu as much as possible, so I force the load to the GPU on as many programs as it will let me through the NVIDIA settings. Under $1k too.
Ya the clip started wearing fast, but I suppose that’s to be expected. I have a Razer Core for the laptop. I use the laptop at work for testing on cars mostly. That Benchmade 535 looks dope, might have to pick one up. Thanks!