UK Legal Carry

Geologist (age 32)
Indianapolis, IN
A revamp of some of the items to be UK legal in preparation for a move. I don't carry everything at the same time. Somethings get traded in and out depending on office work versus field work.

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Hi Kevin. Great EDC. That book, Einstein's Dreams catched my eye and I want to tell you that you have a great reading taste. Keep it up.
How do you like the band on that Citizen? I found that the grommets were to bulky for the size. I ended up replacing mine with a nato strap. Now I love it even more!
I don't mind it that much. I like the canvas like material and I really don't notice the grommets while wearing it myself, but it's really not quite my style. I like simple over flashy. It's still pretty new so I suspect I'll swap out the band for something a little more simple. Still looking for a good strap to replace it with.
Try BluShark Straps. Great quality, bit pricey but they last. If you're not sure about color options that you want and you want to try a few cheap ones first, check Amazon for Ritchie straps in 18mm.
Nice EDC gear my friend. Carry on!
No locking blade on the gerber?
It's the bladeless version, So no knife, just a removable sandpaper textured sawblade. All the tools lock in place.