Small town sultry summer evening carry

Retired (age 60)
Went for a walk along the boardwalk and fireworks last night with my wife. Even with the sultry sticky weather, it was a nice night.

The Hanks Gunner belt is one of the best I have worn, I have several of his belts now. The Colt was carried in my hip pocket covered by my guayabera, which are wonderful shirts on hot sticky nights.

The Bugout is carried left hip pocket, the Cricket in my watch pocket. I no longer carry a big wallet, and now simply carry the Money Clamp. My watch of choice was a Seiko SKX011J, they have some of the best lume in the business. I am a sucker for a beads of rice bracelet on a watch and Yobookies makes the best, each bead is solid not folded sheet metal.

The coin is carried in memory of my grandfather, the only one I knew, who died when I was 5. my only real memory of him talking was him telling me to always carry a silver dollar. it would bring me luck and I would never be broke. This was something important to a man who lived through the depression. The one he gave me disappeared over the past 55 years, this is my replacement today.

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Old School, I’m lovin’ it.
Thank you, just because something is old, like me, does not mean its ready for pasture. Looks like you are old school too...