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Chicago, IL
I travel by car and long distance a bit... if I every get this pistol fully vetted, by taking a course with it, I think it’s a better solution for a “get home gun” than a compact 9mm which I also carry on the road. Hope I’ll never need it but it only weighs 6 lbs and never has to leave the car except to the hotel room at night.

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Montana Actual ·
I also carry an AR in my truck. I agree about the "get home gun". I learned some stuff in my military days, and since then I have always used a full size metal grip to help either drive the weapon forward, or pull it back as needed, and that flip down sights take extra time. Since you don't have optics, it's something to think about, and if/when you do get them, my personal opinion is that you need to have an instant plan if your optics fail. Also, curious why not a 30 round mag?
Rayray ·
There are a few trade offs that were intentionally made with this gun. The biggest was budget, built for $350 (& some spare parts). The pop ups are not my favorite. I’ll probably replace those with some fixed ones shortly. My state is a little funny about a forward grip, on pistols, or I would totally agree. I’d like a forward, but I need to c grip it... As it was really inexpensive to build I don’t fully trust it yet. After I get 500 rounds through it without a hiccup, I’ll splurge on an optic and a light. I’ve been looking at the Sig Romeo 5 and an Olight. Any opinions?

Regarding the little mag... I was measuring it to see if it discretely would fit into a tennis racket case... I think it will and that it’s a good diversion bag. Who’s gonna break a car window for a tennis racket?
Montana Actual ·
LOL! I like your style. Mine is behind the back seat, although I wish I could keep it up front ready to roll... but like you said... trade-off's and all.

Optics sound good. Not my style but I am sure they will work just fine. I have always used streamlights. Surefires when I was in the military because they were given to me, but now that I have to buy shit I am not paying that much for a rarely used light ;) O light makes some solid WML's, just not a fan of their EDC style stuff.

Anyways. Great carry. Look forward to seeing more of your stuff. Take care! Carry daily!