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Since I got my CCW I have updated my carry to include my p365 as my EDC. I carry it in a Crossbreed hybrid holster that isn't pictured for aesthetic reasons.

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Very nice. I carry a gerber dime sometimes too. Surprised at how many little things it's helped with. Of course, most times I need a bigger one, I never have it because I'm trying to minimize the carry by carrying a dime, but it's still cool. I almost got a one+ before I got my s8 too. Nice carry. Have you given thought to carrying a spare mag?
Yes I think when I get another mag with a pinky extension I will pick up a mag carrier and experiment with that. Yea the Dime isn't perfect for everything but for he the size (and the all black haha) are what keeps it in my pocket. Having scissors and some pliers to really grip some small things has been invaluable to me.