A Penetration testers Field bag

Christoffer Claesson
Huskvarna, Sweden
Working as a Penetration tester usually requires us to gain physical access into buildings and areas, this kit gives us that abaility but also helps us blend in and maintain access once a building has been breached. While this kit is not an end all be all, but a basic load out that is usually brought on engagements.

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How long have you been in the field? How did you get your start?
Christoffer Claesson ·
Short version, Hacking 14-15 years, IT Security, 6 years, and pentesting the last 1,5 year :)
Christoffer Claesson ·
Also actually started with a BA in IT Forensics, but realized that was no fun so got a job as a pentester eventually, havent looked back since!
Nice everything including the pack. The router (?) tape should have “fu[k with this and die” written on on it. It’s simple, but gets the point across.
Christoffer Claesson ·
Well, the issue with that is that they are going into corporate areas so no, vulgar language is not really the best thing to do!
Montana Actual ·
I don't know exactly what you do, but if your career field has the word "penetrate" in it, you have made some amazing life choices.
Christoffer Claesson ·
My job as a Redteamer/Penetration Tester is basiclly getting access to stuff withing the scope through illegal means, legally. if that makes sense. so hacking, breaking in, social engineering etc. for the customer that hires my team!